Preschool Philosophy

At St. Catherine Preschool, education and Catholic faith have built a home for our community. We believe in a strong foundation with structure to cultivate our students beyond the heights of academic and spiritual limits. As an accredited preschool, knowledge of growth and development is the base of our curriculum. Our skilled and innovative staff have designed the student experience to optimize confident outcomes. Components such as religion, language concepts, vocabulary, motor skills, perception, and social skills foster such results. We facilitate children to work together, solve problems, communicate their feelings, and share. All Areas of development are covered to ensure your child's academic success.

Elementary Philosophy

In the K-2 Teaching Team, we recognize that school must be a safe and encouraging environment. We realize that children are motivated to learn when they feel safe, are positively stimulated, and can make connections across the curriculum. We identify that a quality education is supported by a collaborative effort between home and school.

In the 3-5 Teaching Team we use a combination of project-based and traditional paper/ pencil style of teaching, infused with technology. This versatile approach gives us many avenues to reach today’s students. Classes in these grades complete at least one project per quarter. The projects we choose are cross-curricular, purposeful and even fun. We also take at least one memorable and meaningful field trip per quarter. These are the memories students will take with them through their whole life. We teach all subjects authentically with a faith-based approach. All students receive a daily Catholic Doctrine religion class. Each day we teach all the core subjects with added emphasis on making our students college/career ready. We do this by teaching real-life skills such as independence, organization and problem solving techniques.

St. Catherine School offers excellence in a safe, caring, and fun learning environment for Preschool through Eighth grade since 1946.

Middle School Philosophy

St. Catherine Middle School has a great responsibility to our diverse student population in instilling a love of learning, faith, and service in every graduate. We combine a strong Catholic foundation with personal accountability, educational innovation, and a passion of lifelong learning. St. Catherine Middle School fosters creativity, strong work ethic, and real world applications through interdisciplinary unit and quarterly projects. Our students are challenged to reach maximum potential in a safe and supportive environment while tackling a rigorous curriculum, preparing for high school, developing digital and global citizenship, and serving God.

  • Celebrating 70 years of Excellence in Education

  • Individualized and challenging curriculum

  • Project based learning curriculum

  • Affordable tuition

  • Financial aid and payment plans available

  • Scholarships through our partners (Kamehameha Schools PKS and Kipona)

  • Augustine Educational Foundation • Strong PTG (Parent Teacher Guild) involvement

  • Community volunteer

  • Award-Winning Art Program

  • Music program involving instrumentation, singing, Hawaiian studies and music worship

  • Award-Winning Science Olympiad

  • Team building, athletic development and sportmanship Physical Education program

  • Creative enrichment Elementary courses offered

  • Diverse and community outreach electives for Middle School

  • School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Plan

  • Future piloting garden to school program for cafeteria

  • Field trips quarterly

  • Faith Formation and Sacraments

  • Biweekly and Catholic Holiday School Mass

  • Integrated Technology

  • Utilize school intranet system to enhance communication